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Wendy’s rings in the New Year with an expanded 4 for $4 menu. Guests can now choose from eight different quality entrées, including menu items served with premium chicken, oven-baked Applewood Smoked Bacon, and of course, fresh never frozen beef.While other value meals may give customers a handful of side items, Wendy’s 4 for $4 offers. 21/10/2015 · Wendy's latest value play is the new 4 for $4 Meal, which features a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, four chicken nuggets, small fries, and a small drink for $4. In my area, the listed items would cost about $5 or so, if bought separately. Wendy's 4 for $4 Meal is available for a limited time at participating locations price may vary. I loved the 4 for $4 when it first came out. But since they took away the spicy nuggets option I've kinda felt like I'm essentially paying $4 for a value sandwich, a drink, and two high markup "filler" items that I. But there are also distinctive Wendy's touches, such as Dave's hamburgers with their baked buns, square-shaped seasoned patties, and white onions, tomatoes and lettuce. There are also the Frosty Shakes, which come in flavors like strawberry, caramel, and chocolate fudge. Above are the latest Wendy's menu prices. 12/10/2015 · Wendy's latest value play is the new 4 for $4 Meal, which features a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, four chicken nuggets, small fries, and a small drink for $4. In my area, the listed items would cost about $5 or so, if bought separately. Wendy's 4 for $4 Meal is available for a limited time at.

The latest puts Wendy’s and Burger King in direct competition with one another. As well as numerous other places who are putting together items in various combinations. The Wendy’s Meal Deal vs Burger King’s Meal Deal. The Wendy’s Meal. Offers 4 items for $4. Items include a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets, Fries, and a Drink. Wendy’s is changing the game,. Wendy’s 4 For $4 Meal with 8 sandwich options. POSTED BY Living on the Cheap. available to hungry bargain hunters. For a limited time, the quick-service chain is offering a 4 for $4 meal deal. Get 4 chicken nuggets, small fries, a small drink and your choice of one of the following sandwiches: Double Stack. A fries, burger, nuggets and a drink come with that The sauces is drippin', if you willin' then you can dip that Queen Wendy the illest, yeah I said it, boy don’t forget that 4 for $4, that lick the best, 4 for $4, forget the rest 4 for $4, you gettin' blessed Now everybody knows, blows get thrown in elevators.

Kids drinks include:. Wendy’s 4 for 4 Meals. This is Wendy’s own version of the popular Value Meal menu option that you will find at most fast food restaurants. For $4 you can grab a four piece combo of fries, four piece nuggets, drink and one of the following entrees. Wendys Menu Prices 2019. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated 2019. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu. How much does food cost? All Wendys Menu Prices.

  1. 09/04/2016 · Getting fast food is NOT cheap these days, so after doing a lil research for a best deal for the money, I decided to take on FIVE Wendy's 4 for 4 meal challenge! Featured in this stunt are: 1. Five Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers 2. Five 4 pc. chicken nuggets 3. Five small fries 4. Five small drinks.
  2. Dublin-based Wendy’s is introducing a new value meal option. Called the 4 for $4 meal, it includes a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, 4-piece nuggets, a small order of fries and a small drink. According to Wendy’s, “customers can now get a quality meal at an affordable price.” I love it.
  3. 03/01/2018 · Wendy's. With a deal allowing fans to choose from a wide variety of freaking amazing entrées and to receive fries, nuggets, and a drink on the side, Wendy's expanded 4 for $4 menu gives all of us the New Year's gift we've always been craving — for less than a fiver.

Explore the Wendy's 4 for 4 and Biggie Bag Meal Deals menu. See what you get in the 4 for 4. Either way, you get big flavor and big value - the Wendy's way. Wendy’s celebrates the arrival of 2018 by expanding its popular 4 for $4 Meal deal to include eight sandwich options. Each 4 for $4 Meal includes a fries, chicken nuggets, and a drink, plus one. But it was getting harder and harder to get good food for that amount of money, not just at Wendy’s, but at every fast food restaurant in America. And so, Wendy’s – the fast food brand that created the first 99¢ Super Value Menu in 1989 – went to work on something new that could make eating out affordable again. Enter: 4 for $4.

The 4 for $4 deal is a value meal at Wendy’s. It entails your choice of a small sandwich or wrap, combined with nuggets, fries and a drink. A few months before We Beefin? was released, the 4 for $4 menu had been expanded to include eight entrées. November 13, 2019. Wendy’s Menu Prices. See the full Wendy’s menu with prices, including the Wendy’s Dollar menu. We have also added the latest coupons and special deals for Wendys, plus a guide to the Wendy’s hours of operation and holiday hours.

FIVE Wendy's 4 for 4 meal challenge! - YouTube.

21/12/2019 · Wendy's introduces its 4 for $4 Meal. You can get a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, 4 piece nuggets, fries and a drink for $4. Yet as all signs indicate the dollar menu is being phased out, just this week Wendy’s unveiled a new promotion with a remarkably cheap price: the “4 for $4,” in which a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, a four-piece chicken nuggets, small French fries, and a small drink cost a total of $4.

If this pricing format sounds familiar, it’s because it was first introduced by Wendy’s in October 2015. Wendy’s innovation was in taking the standard sandwich-fries-drinks combo and adding four pieces of chicken nuggets, while keeping the price at $4. The promotion was an immediate hit for Wendy’s, and helped boost sales. 05/06/2016 · For my meal, I have selected the Crispy Chicken BLT, Ghost Pepper Fries, 4 Chicken Nuggets, and a drink. It cost me fifty cents for the upgrade to the Ghost Fries, and so I got all of this for only $4.50 plus tax. From the Wendy's website: ""When Wendy's introduced the 4 for $4 Meal, people told us it was the 'best invention since the sun'. Wendy’s is changing the game, when it comes to meal deals — thanks to the sandwich options available to hungry bargain hunters. For a limited time, the quick-service chain is offering a 4 for $4 meal. 2 reviews of Wendy's "On 2/11/18 about 7:15 we went through the Drive thru at the Wendys in Granite Falls, NC and ordered 4 4 for $4's. The drinks were not even filled 3/4 of the way up. And, in the Tea the ice was already melted. So you know.

  1. Starting today, Wendy's ® is changing the game when it comes to lunch. With the introduction of Wendy's new 4 for $4 Meal featuring a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink, customers can now get a quality meal at an affordable price. "At Wendy's, we believe that everyone deserves a delicious lunch no matter how much.
  2. If you're looking to get the most food per dollar, it's pretty hard to beat Wendy's 4 for $4 deal. For less than a fiver, Wendy's will serve you up a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, 4 chicken nuggets, small fries and a small drink.
  3. 12/10/2015 · Get more for four with Wendy's new 4 for $4 Meal! A lunch-time game changer, Wendy's new 4 for $4 Meal includes a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, four all white-meat chicken nuggets, small fries and a drink for just $4. With the 4 for $4 Meal, customers can now get a big deal on a delicious meal.

03/01/2018 · While other value meals may give customers a handful of side items, Wendy's 4 for $4 sets 2018 valuegoals by offering eight great-tasting entrées - so no matter which entrée you choose, you know you can't go wrong. Pair that entrée with nuggets, fries and a drink. All at an affordable price — just $4 at participating locations. Any meal deal under $5 with a beverage is always a great value. Plus, unlike other chains, Wendy’s gives you more than one option for the sandwich, so even picky eaters can benefit from the savings. With their 4 for 4 meal deal promotion, Wendy’s sparked a huge trend within the fast food market. The promotion features different meals that each include 4 items and each only costs $4. Each meal includes a small drink, small fries and 4 piece chicken nuggets. 13/11/2015 · Drive-Thru Gourmet: 4 for $4 meal a good deal at Wendy's. A word about the nutritionals: If you want to cut 200 calories and 54 grams of carbs from the damage, order a diet soft drink. If you want to cut 30 calories and 3 fat grams, tell 'em to hold the mayo. Little things mean a lot. OK, Wendy's 4 for $4 Meal is a good.

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